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IMPORTANT: When providing information about your family background, please include as much detail as possible (dates and places of birth, marriage, and death).

If the earliest generation you know is only his or her name, with no data on siblings, please include details about his or her children (or the earliest generation you know those details about).

If you just say "My great-great-grandfather was Daniel Hite" with no dates or locations, Richard will not be able to help you. There were, and are, many men named Daniel Hite. A much more helpful statement would be "My great-great-grandfather was Daniel Hite, whose wife's name was Catherine. They lived near El Dorado, Kansas. Their son, William Henry Albert Hite, born in 1865 in Illinois, was my great-grandfather. I remember that William had brothers named Wesley and Elmer and a sister named Emma, who lived near Olathe, Kansas. There were two other brothers who lived in Wichita and a brother and sister that lived in Oklahoma."

(NOTE: Actual example from the descendants of Christopher Hite of Bedford County, Pennsylvania).
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